Ideal Body Sculpting with Tickle Lipo TECHNOLOGY

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What Is Ideal Body Sculpting with Tickle Lipo?

A Breakthrough Lipo Procedure that has you Back to Work in 1 Day, with Less Pain and Faster Results!

Tickle Lipo Technology is the latest advancement in body contouring to give you the results you desire without the medical risks or difficult recovery of traditional liposuction.

Our High Definition Sculpting uses triple movement cannula with vibration to increase patient comfort and tighten skin. Patient outcome creates a smoother, sculpted result over other liposuction technologies.

ADVANTAGES OF Ideal Body Sculpting with Tickle Lipo

  • Back to work in 1 day

  • Gentle vibration for increased comfort and skin tightening

  • Smaller canulas for tighter-smoother results

  • Increased safety by using local anesthesia

  • Seamless Fat transfer for breast and butt enhancement

Remove stubborn body fat from one or more areas at the same time, including delicate spots that require extra special care. 

What Can Be Treated With Tickle Lipo?

Abdomen, Bra Fat, Love Handles, Arms, Thighs, Back, Knee Fat and…More!!


The Tickle

This device makes the patient so comfortable that typically, no general anesthesia is required, it is performed while the patient is awake under a mild anesthetic. Many patients report that the vibration of the cannula tickles as it removes the fat, hence its name.

Patients Share Their Experience With Tickle Lipo

“I loved getting immediately off the procedure table with no effects of traditional anesthesia and being alert enough to see the results.”


“Not only was the procedure painless, the downtime was minimal!”


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