Low Testosterone? Get Diagnosed and Start Treatment Today with Pro-Pell® Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

It’s been estimated that over 13 million men suffer from low testosterone (Low T), and most of them don’t even know it.

Instead they endure the ever-worsening symptoms of fatigue, lowered drive and libido, steady weight gain and loss of mental clarity as if it were an accepted part of aging. The physicians at Ideal Skin MedSpa utilize medical laboratory testing and evaluations to determine whether or not the real problem is actually low testosterone – which is very treatable via testosterone replacement therapy...

Learn What Low Testosterone is

Testosterone is the main male hormone that is responsible for all the characteristics associated with the male gender. It is associated with sexual reproduction, strength, energy, muscle mass, hair growth, male reproduction and the processes of puberty.

Symptoms of Low T

  • Fatigue

  • Decreased libido and poor sexual performance

  • Decreased motivation/drive

  • Irritability or Depression

  • Loss of energy

  • Decreased mental clarity

  • Loss of muscle and increased body fat

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Causes of Low T

  • Natural process of aging

  • Chronic Illness

  • Use of certain medications

  • Trauma

  • Other less common conditions

Normal Levels-  In healthy men, testosterone levels between 350-1000 are considered normal.  Man up and call for a free evaluation today!

 What you will learn in your free consultation:

  • How we determine if you need treatment

  • The different options for therapy

  • The benefits and risks of TRT

The next step is getting a simple blood test that can tell us if therapy is right for you.

Then what are the options? If you have symptomatic low testosterone the treatment options we offer vary.  First, we look to identify the root cause and treat. Options include:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy is used to give measured doses of testosterone typically via injection to replace the testosterone that your body is not making. Other forms of testosterone replacement are available.

  • Working with diet and exercise as well as nutritional supplementation to assist your body making and using its own testosterone more effectively.

  • All approaches attempt to uncover the underlying reason for the low testosterone prior to picking a treatment.

Treatment with Pro-Pell® Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

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Our Physicians typically use three types of therapy for Low T:

Pellets, Injectable or topical hormone is used to increase and optimize hormone levels. The dosage varies and is determined by the prescribing physician. Patients' medical history, lab results, and physical are all factored in during diagnosis.

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up is the key success for our patients at Ideal Wellness Center:

  • 30 days after beginning the Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy program, the patient will be required to follow up with additional labs. This is to determine that the diagnosis and dosages are on target. If we are not pleased with your levels, the regimen will be altered to suit the best results for the patient.

  • Physicals will be conducted at least once per year or per request by the physician or patient.

                 Start enjoying life again. Getting older does not have to feel like it!