Hair Rejuvenation With PRP


Thinning Hair
“I’m not ready for hair transplants, but I am worried about my thinning hair. What are my options?”
Topical therapy and supplements offer help for thinning hair and hair loss.  New developments show the effectiveness of PRP therapy. Early and consistent treatments may help minimize the problems of hair thinning and hair loss.
Patient selection is imperative. Hair follicles which are nonfunctional will not respond to support therapies such as PRP.

PRP Hair Loss Therapy
Serious efforts to slow down hair loss and actually increase hair strength is found in the latest development of PRP Hair Rejuvenation Therapy. Developed by a dermatologist in New York, PRP uses your own natural growth factors to stimulate your hair growth. PRP will not cause hair growth in areas where the follicles are no longer viable, but can have a positive effect on follicles that are still able to produce hair.